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help123 at dobrynin.us help123 at dobrynin.us
Fri Jan 29 00:31:42 CET 2016

I'm the OP. I did have that problem, too.
The problem you describe happened when
I enlarged the window, then made it small
again, whereas the original issue (where
I could only see the "BCC" field, and the
"TO" I typed in previously was gone)
happened shortly after I started the
program before I did any resizing at all.


Quoting Michael <codejodler at gmx.ch>:

> I'm not sure it that's exactly what the OP had problems with, but  
> this is what happens when i reduce the adress area to the minimum of  
> 1 line:
> If i launch 'compose new mail' i see one TO: line. However, the  
> moment i hit a key, the next line will be added. Unfortunately, the  
> whole thing now autoscrolls and moves the line i'm typing in  
> 'upward' and thus, out of view. I'm typing blind now ...
> Seriously, this can't be the answer. I vote for enlarging the area  
> for every line added.
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