[Users] Scary composer feature: disappearing address fields

help123 at dobrynin.us help123 at dobrynin.us
Thu Jan 28 18:46:49 CET 2016


Would you consider adding a boolean somewhere
(you can exile it into a config file if you wish)
that suppresses the scrollbar?

As in the picture you linked to, I *was* doing
an everyday thing (i.e. entered a BCC address).


Quoting Ralf Mardorf <info.mardorf at rocketmail.com>:

> On Thu, 28 Jan 2016 18:28:05 +0100, help123 at dobrynin.us wrote:
>> And, indeed, that's what Pierre now confirms.
> We are humans, so we sometimes miss the forest for the trees. Anyway,
> there's no need to change the design in an unusual way. Keeping the
> design in the most common way, is the best solution.
> https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/33/The_Design_of_Everyday_Things_%28cover_1988%29.jpg
> ;)
> Regards,
> Ralf
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