[Users] [Bug 3598] use after free in function summary_execute_move_func()

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Sat Jan 23 13:32:15 CET 2016


--- Comment #2 from Hanno Boeck <hanno at hboeck.de> ---
What asan does is esentially that it records freed memory and will throw an
error if you try to access it.

Your code lines both seem problematic:
line 5185:   if (msginfo && MSG_IS_MOVE(msginfo->flags) && msginfo->to_folder)

This seems to assume that "if (msginfo" will tell you whether msginfo contains
a valid object, i.e. it must contain a null pointer if it doesn't.
In order to have this guarantee you must
a) pre-initialize the pointer with null
b) make sure on every free it get's assigned null
There are many such checks in the code.

line 5197:      if (prefs_common.thread_by_subject &&
          msginfo->subject && *msginfo->subject &&
          node == subject_table_lookup(summaryview->subject_table,
               msginfo->subject)) {

This is the same issue, except that it seems to expect msginfo->subject to be
always null.

This seems like a bigger issue that is scattered throughout the codebase...
Essentially each line like this:
would need a
msginfo = NULL;
after it.

Not sure how to start tackling this, it seems a lot of work. (But would
probably increase overall stability, these uaf issues can lead to weird
instability behavior.)

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