[Users] next message in threads of date sorted list

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Fri Jan 22 22:40:13 CET 2016

Just a question. 

When message list is sorted after date and "newest on top", then deleting a message somewhere in the list jumps to the next one above. In case of non-threaded messages, this one is newer, meeting my expectations. 

But in the case of a thread, it somehow feels wrong. It should be rather the next in thread, which naturally is newer. Instead, it jumps to the next older one, or out of the thread completely.

My question is, is it just me feelinglike this. Maybe i got the whole thing wrong and the actual behavior is what most people want.

If there are more people agreeing to my view, then i may file a request, but if you tell me it's not intendet feature :) then i can live with it.

(ps. I don't think the just now filed #3600 is related, it just inspired me to come out)

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