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Chris Hirst claws-mail at fy3.co.uk
Wed Jan 20 20:13:39 CET 2016

hi Holger,

Not so, filtering from the "Tools" menu only runs the rules that are defined in the matcherrc [filtering] section not the rules that are used and evaluated by the Perl plugin.

There is a further problem that I have found insofar as the filtering does not appear to work as the rather sparse documentation states.

The filters appear to behave in the same way as 'Messages -> Move [Enter]'   or Ctrl+O -> [Enter] does ie. moves all selected messages to the last used folder rather than rhe folder defined in the rule.

Example from perl_filter: ('sensitive' information redacted)
***start extract***

>>>	 # perl-filter rules template for claws mail 
>>>	 ## default rules first
>>>	 # already flagged as spam by server.
>>>	 (matchcase(subject '***SPAM***')) && (move('#mh/default/spam-filtering/server-flagged-spam'));
>>>	 (matchcase(to 'f****@w*****-****.***')) && (matchcase(from 'Mail Delivery')) && (move('#mh/wm-t.**/inbox/failed-spammers'));
>>>	 (matchcase(subject 'REGISTER PREVENTION')) && (matchcase(to 'chris@')) && (move('#mh/wm-t.eu/new-accounts/spambot-reg'));
>>>	 (matchcase(subject '[alpha1uk]')) && (move('#mh/*****-chris/alpha-1-messages'));
>>>	 (matchcase(subject '[qBittorrent]')) && (matchcase(subject '[wishlist]')) && (move('#mh/*********/qbittorrent-github/wishlist'));
>>>	 (matchcase(subject '[qBittorrent]')) && (move('#mh/********/qbittorrent-github'));
>>>	 (matchcase(to 'wp.****@c****.co.uk')) && (move('#mh/wp-file-changed'));
>>>	 (matchcase(subject 'mail delivery failed')) && (matchcase(to 'f****@*******.eu')) && (move('#mh/wm-t.eu/inbox/failed-spammers'));
>>>	 (matchcase(to '*******@*********.co.uk')) && (move('#mh/fy3/****'));
>>>	 (matchcase(to '******@**********.co.uk')) && (matchcase(from 'paypal')) && (move('#mh/****/paypal-messages'));
>>>	 (matchcase(to 'c********y@*******.co.uk')) && (move('#mh/fy3/ebay-messages'));
>>>	 (matchcase(to 'd******s@********.co.uk')) && (move('#mh/*****-chris/inbox/d*******@*****'));

***end extract***

All messages end up in the folder in the first rule (#mh/default/spam-filtering/server-flagged-spam) regardless of whether a filter has been matched or not. Tested several times with different locations in the first 'move' rules.

The rules above are ones that were converted by the tool provided.

Kind Regards
Chris Hirst
Technical Director
The Internet Factory

>>Hallo Chris,
>>On Di, 19.01.2016 17:16, Chris Hirst wrote:
>>>So is there some way that the Perl filtering can be triggered from a
>>>menu or a toolbar 'button' or something?
>>yes, using the commands from the tools menu that you mentioned. You
>>can even distinguish manual invokation in your filter, if you want.
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So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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