[Users] Performance issues with vCalendar

KA soldes at gmx.fr
Tue Jan 12 02:01:24 CET 2016

Hi Team,
Since I started to use vCalendar, I have a major performance issue.

Symptom :
Launching Claws-Mail takes 10 real seconds more.
Clicking on the meetings icon inside the vCalendar folder freezes Claws-Mail for another 10 seconds.
(instead of 1 second before !!)

What I did before to have the issue :
- I sent 10 meeting calendars from my office mailbox (another MUA)
- I opened web calendar links in Firefox calling Claws-Mail (without success)

What I did to try to fix the issue :
I removed my additional calendar.
I reinstalled vCalendar plugin
=> all without success

Pls find attached the vcalendar directory list to give you an idea of this small caldendar !!
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