[Users] Bug candidate - Trash button has an incorrect name (at least in Spanish translati

KA soldes at gmx.fr
Sun Jan 10 18:16:07 CET 2016

Hi Slavko,
I get your point but "Translation ML" is when it is perfect in English in the install by default.
Here there was a debate whether if both buttons shall (or not) have the very same name.
I think passing it to "Translation ML" is a second step ...

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El Sun, 10 Jan 2016 18:06:08 +0100
Slavko <linux at slavino.sk> escribió:

> Ahoj,
> Dňa Sun, 10 Jan 2016 17:35:35 +0100 KA <soldes at gmx.fr> napísal:
> > Hi,
> > I agree with Ralf "Move to Trash" or shorter "Trash-it".
> I maintain the Slovak translation of the C-M and i see all these as the
> translation issues, not C-M.
> I have (translated) the "Move to trash" and the "Delete" buttons. I
> check this in PO file too and there are different messages for these
> actions.
> The translators have a separate ML and i don't know if they read this
> ML too. The translator's email is (should be) in the particular PO
> file, try to see in the sources.
> regards

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