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Wed Jan 6 05:00:41 CET 2016

Thanks all for the suggestions.  The accountrc file seems to be the
primary config file.  It looks like it should be the one to modify.  I
have tried multiple variations, but none seem to work.  It really should
be pretty straight forward.  The program config files have to set up the
paths that the system uses.  I was hoping to find and modify those
paths.  Setting them to look at the shared drive so the data would be
common between multiple boots.  It's about time to give up.

Linux has been the OS of choice for years.  It's just been a slight set
back over the past few months, while I found a better distro.  Now that
I'm there with Lubuntu, I just need to migrate the data from windows to
linux.  I have moved the files.  Opened Claws and all of the folders and
counts show up correctly.  The problem is as soon as I select one, the
numbers all zero out and there is actually nothing in the folder.

I had the same issue when I had to temporarily migrate from Linux to
Win.  I don't remember how to get the files to transfer and read

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Subject: Re: [Users] claws mail question
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Date: Mon, January 04, 2016 6:38 am
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On Mon, 4 Jan 2016 13:56:34 +0100, Petter Adsen wrote:
>I run an IMAP server at home where all my mail is stored, and backed up
>frequently both locally and to a remote host. Once set up it works
>like a charm.

In this case I wouldn't call IMAP a PITA, but since I don't have my own
server, I prefer POP over IMAP.

Perhaps the OP doesn't need to sync the Windows and the Linux Claws,
then the OP could consider to only allow one Claws to delete the mails
from the POP server, the other just downloads the mails, and assumed
this claws is used to send mails, then auto-Bcc to archive the mails
with the other Claws.

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