[Users] what kinds of "sending" hotkeys do exist ?

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Tue Jan 5 14:45:18 CET 2016


There is one mysterious thing which happens from time to time, but i can't track it ... whyn typing fast, in a reply, suddenly the mail is sent off, certainly because i acidently hit some keyboard shortcut, and after that i *can not find it anywhere* not even in the trash.

My claws (v3.13.0) is configured to only put into queue, not send off immediately.

And this last time, even the OP mail to which i replied is gone ! Really, i searched all over, for several minutes. 
So i must have triggered something like "sent immediately" then "delete" and one more "delete" ??

The shortcut(s) must bei in the left corner of the keyboard, it always happens when i use the left Shift key, so maybe it's Ctrl or "FN" (Thinkpad blue key) plus something.

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