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Petter Adsen petter at synth.no
Mon Jan 4 09:00:39 CET 2016

On Sun, 03 Jan 2016 21:27:47 -0700
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> Thanks all.
>   This email should be plain text.  Sorry.
>   The intent is that both Linux and Windows apps are looking at the
> same Mail data folders.  I don't want to have to sync two locations,
> but more of the example of two distros, looking at the same data in a
> dual boot system.  The reason is that we have a history of emails in
> the existing folders.  I want to keep that and whether booted to
> windows or linux, the downloaded emails end up in the same place.
> Hopefully this makes sense.  

The easiest way to do this would be to use IMAP, as Ralf also suggested,
then all the mail would be on the server. Whatever client you connect
with, on any device and OS, will see the exact same layout of folders
with the same messages. A message marked as read on one device will be
marked as read on any other, as the server keeps track of this, not the
individual clients.

That seems to me to be a better method than sharing a directory between
two installs. The messages you have already downloaded can be copied
back to folders on the server, so you won't lose access to those.


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