[Users] claws mail question

Trenkwalder Christian claws-mail at karatemuffin.it
Sun Jan 3 14:34:52 CET 2016

Am Sat, 02 Jan 2016 22:00:35 -0700
schrieb <work at mykot.com>:

> I hope this is the right place to ask a question or two.  If not, if
> you could please tell me where I could ask for help?
>   I am moving from windows to linux.  I need to know how to transfer
> my current clawsmail data and all settings into the linux
> installation?
There are 2 folders that are important, both are located in 
one is called "Claws-mail" the other one "Mail".

claws-mail: contains all the settings
Mail: contaisn all the mail

>   Secondly, is it possible to change the pointers in the program to
> look at a different location of the data files?  The computer is set
> up as a dual boot.  Ultimately I would like to have both windows and
> linux look into a common partition and folder.  Is it possible to
> have either update the same data so nothing is missed whether
> downloading from linux or in windoze?
That you get all the mails on both installations should already be
possible with pop/imap, so you dont need the common partition. 
But if you insist on sharing a directory, you can create a new
Mailbox: File->New Mailbox there you can set the full path. Or just
change it in the "claws-mail\folderlist.xml"


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