[Users] Search for emails according to Address Book's "Display Name" field

Grzegorz Antoniak ga at anadoxin.org
Sat Jan 2 09:59:25 CET 2016


Let's say I'll receive an e-mail from address abc at mail.com. The sender of this e-mail didn't fill out the "From" field at all, so all I'm getting is that I got this e-mail from "abc at mail.com" user.

I know this guy's name is John Smith, so I create a new contact name for this e-mail address, and I name this contact "John Smith". I have enabled the option "Display sender according to address book", so everything is fine: I see "John Doe" as a sender.

But when I try to search for e-mails sent by "John Doe", nothing is found. I have to search using the "abc at mail.com" e-mail address, then it is found.

Is this a bug, or a feature (design choice)? 

Is there any option to be able to search for e-mails according to address book contents?

Grzegorz Antoniak

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