[Users] Forwarded message listed under wrong email

Paul Steyn paulsteyn1 at afrihost.co.za
Sun Feb 28 22:39:38 CET 2016

Hi All,

I was wondering if anybody could shed some light on how Claws threads
mail messages in the message list.

I have two messages in a folder, both with the same subject, but from
different email addresses. Well, specifically, the "name" part of the
email address is different, but the actual email address itself is the
same (i.e. one is like so "John Doe <nobody at nowhere.com>", and the other
like so "Jane Doe <nobody at nowhere.com>". The Reply-To is also different
for each one. I forwarded the second one, but to the Reply-To address
of the first one (the same actual email address as the first one, but
with a different "name" part). When I moved the message from the sent
folder into the folder with the two emails, the forwarded email now
appears under (i.e. as a child of) the first email, instead of the
second one, which is the one I actually forwarded.

On examining the forwarded message, I can find no "in reply to" or
similar header. I had assumed that Claws would generate such a header
when sending replies or forwards, but I'm afraid I'm not really
familiar with these things. I seem to recall a similar question on this
mailing list recently, but I think the circumstances were different,
and as I'm not actually sure what the correct terminology is here, I'm
not quite sure where to look for more information.

So my question is what is Claws using to match the forwarded email to a
parent email, and is there a way to "fix" this so that the forwarded
email appears under the correct parent? Or can someone point me in the
direction of the correct place to read up on this behaviour?

Many thanks for any assistance.


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