[Users] Saved SSL Certificates Window

Chris Schrauben chrisretusn at bluehome.net
Fri Feb 19 00:35:45 CET 2016

Claws Mail, 3.13.2 running under Slackware64-current. 

Wanting to review and delete old expired saved SSL certificates I
discovered the following: 

When selecting Tools, "SSL certificates" the "Saved SSL certificates"
windows opens up. When you have a lot of certificates (I have 213 of
them) the bottom of the window extends below the screen (my screen
resolution is 1280x1024). Attempts to resize or move the window to get
to the bottom fail. I can maximize the window then use the mouse to
slide the window up once at the bottom the windows drops out of
maximize I can now see there is a close button but the list of servers
is not all inclusive (Only the servers that can fit in the length
of the windows are listed) and the is no way to scroll them in the

I do know I could simply go to the ~/.claws-mail/certs/ directory and
clean them up there, but the "SSL Saved certificates" window should be
the place to do this.

Thanks Chris

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