[Users] Font ugliness coming in Ubuntu 16.04?

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Thu Feb 18 21:50:18 CET 2016

Using CM on Ubuntu Xenial Xerus (i.e. 16.04) a recent change in freetype has
caused some ugliness in both the summary and message windows.  Full details


along with links to mailing list discussion and the reverted patch that breaks

TL;DR: Since Precise, Ubuntu has carried a patch to freetype which actually
made CM look very nice to me, with my chosen fonts of Sans 10 and Ubuntu Mono
14.  Now that this old patch was removed, those CM windows look uglier to me.

While I've noticed the difference in e.g. Emacs, so far only CM has seen a
distracting enough difference for me to dig into.  I kind of hope I don't have
to live with CM as it is now, but I wanted to get your feedback on whether
this is a problem and whether I should file a bug.  I don't know what the fix
would be for CM if there was one.

It's unlikely that change will be reverted for Ubuntu 16.04 as it's a
deviation from upstream freetype and they've determined the patch has other
regressions.  If you're running an older Ubuntu and plan to update to the LTS,
you may want to take a look.  I haven't tried this on Debian (and I'm not sure
whether Debian unstable's freetype has the patch or not).

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