[Users] [Bug 3612] auto-configure sets POP=SSL & SMTP=SSL/STARTTLS

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Wed Feb 10 22:23:12 CET 2016


--- Comment #1 from Pierre Fortin <pf at pfortin.com> ---
Testing with gmail.com, discovered:

All my GMail accounts are setup as:
 POP3S(995), SMTP(465) & they work with SSL; but SMTP fails with STARTTLS

So I was setting up new accounts based on past history...

Setting up a new CM testing instance, discovered that GMail has apparently made
a port change (or started using DNS SRV) such that auto-configure sets:
 POP3S(995) & SMTP(587)

However, after testing {465,587} v. {SSL,STARTTLS}, GMail only accepts:
  465 SSL
the others fail with:
* Account 'xxx at gmail.com': Connecting to SMTP server: smtp.gmail.com:465...
*** Connection closed by the remote host.
### SMTP 587 SSL
* Account 'xxx at gmail.com': Connecting to SMTP server: smtp.gmail.com:587...
*** SSL handshake failed
*** Error occurred while sending the message.

Servers can pick whatever ports they want and define SSL, STARTTLS or both; so
I don't see where it would be possible to use predefined defaults.

Suggest the wizard try to avoid config issues by testing the offered port
capabilities as appears to be outlined in 

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