[Users] Don't save sent messages for single account?

hawking at bitmessage.ch hawking at bitmessage.ch
Tue Feb 9 04:55:17 CET 2016

Some IMAP/SMTP services like gmail, zoho, etc, automatically add your
sent mail to the remote sent folder, such that when Claws adds a second
copy, it creates duplicates. The following settings are what I could

Global preferences --> sending --> uncheck: save sent messages (this
breaks saving sent mail on all other accounts, and thus is not a good

Per-email, uncheck save sent message in the "others" tab (this creates
unnecessary work, and thus is not a good solution)

In the individual account settings, advanced tab, choose to save the
sent messages in some arbitrary folder (this is a bit of hack, and I
don't really care of keep another folder just for this purpose. Not
the best solution). 

Is there any way to accomplish this cleanly, merely automatically not
saving sent messages for an IMAP/SMTP account while still being able
to save sent messages for all other accounts? 

Thanks for your time!

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