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Wed Feb 3 23:06:57 CET 2016


I checked in with the pep developers just to make sure I find the best
resources available.

Volker Birk wrote:
> Hernani is just working on a white paper. While that, we published more
> details here:
> https://cacert.pep.foundation/trac/
> I just had a chat at FOSDEM with Werner Koch. You can expect them to be aware
> of what we're doing.
> > > While we're not yet planning to support Claws Mail, we're working on a
> > > solution for Mozilla Thunderbird, which will help Windows users, too.  
> > The idea was exactly that you wouldn't had to write code for Claws Mail
> > yourself but ask if sbdy. from the Claws Mail team wants to help. As I
> > understood the adapters are thought to be written by third parties anyway.  
> Not really. We want to provide adapters, so application programmers can easily
> implement p≡p. For Enigmail/p≡p we'll provide an adapter with a JSON
> interface. This interface will be guaranteed on all desktop platforms where
> Thunderbird is available. Probably this could also help Claws Mail, because
> this adapter has no dependency on Thunderbird.

So from the looks there seems to be little anyone from Claws Mail developers
could do till just now. I didn't knew that they wanted to write the adapters on
their own. If you'd agree, I would take on the issue on the ML again or write
the module on my own as soon as the adapters and a little bit of documentation
are there.

As far as the questions of Andrej go:
> What is this PEP supposed to be? Some software library exposing an API
> for applications to use? A network protocol for applications to adopt?
> Some 3rd party online service, as in "(Something)-as-a-Service"? I
> don't know, and the website won't tell me.
I found three sources helping:
The vision in English:

Some things on vision/concept/structure:

The structure in more detail:

So PEP should be, besides others, a software library that enables GPG without
much hassle whenever possible.


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