[Users] [Bug 2787] Support multipart/related inside multipart/alternative for HTML Views

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Wed Feb 3 14:57:15 CET 2016


--- Comment #13 from Abhay S. Kushwaha <clawsmail at kushwaha.com> ---
Ricardo, I applied the patch to the latest Git. It works well for the mails I
have with this structure. So I think we're good here. Thank you so much. I hope
you would push the patch to the main repo soon!

Also, since you spent that much time on this, quoting the RFC too, let me also
say that I'm not arguing for the validity of this structure and your discussion
about the valid structure in light of the RFC excerpts seems well founded.
Reading up the RFC excerpts only made me appreciate the complexity involved a
bit more.

I suppose, for me as an individual, whether or not it's right, whether or not
it's popular, I identify the broken format as something that causes plain-text
display when I expect HTML part loaded in Fancy, as a problem *I* am facing, as
that individual. So if it gets addressed by the dev team of Claws, it certainly
makes my individual experience (and _hopefully_ somebody else's experience)
with Claws that much better. And that in turn makes me deeply appreciate the
time and efforts that have been spent in making it happen. I can't code myself
so I treat the skill, and even more, the time and effort that's donated by
Claws dev team on this project, especially on itches they don't even personally
have, with utmost respect.

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