[Users] How to stop spacebar from going to next message?

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Wed Feb 3 03:18:19 CET 2016


> Hi all,
> I have an annoying tendency to rest my thumb on the spacebar while I'm
> reading e-mails, and before I know it, the key gets pressed and 15-20
> unread e-mails are suddenly marked read and I have no idea which ones
> I've actioned and which are still waiting for a response.
> Is there some way to stop the spacebar from marking e-mails as read
> when you haven't read them, and you've just held the key for a second
> or two by accident?
> I tried assigning the Help/About menu item keyboard shortcut to be the
> spacebar but that doesn't work, pressing the spacebar just opens the
> menu item without assigning a shortcut key.
> Is there any other way to change the behaviour of the spacebar?

As a workaround, maybe preferences -> Summaries -> mark messages as read -> (options) ?

Claws 3.13

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