[Users] Instructions to configure Claws Mail -- help appreciated

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Tue Feb 2 19:08:08 CET 2016

Thanks Andrej for your suggestion to file the request enhancements in the bug tracker. I just did it. I hope they get implemented soon!!

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> On Mon, 1 Feb 2016 16:03:29 +0100
> Huey.Burton at gmx.ca wrote:
> > Hello everyone on the mailing list! I am trying out Claws Mail and I need some help in configuring it. In particular:
> > 1) how do I set a different background color for the displayed headers, when viewing a message?
> That is currently not possible. Sounds like a candidate for an
> enhancement request.
> > 2) when I press the PageDown key to scroll an email and I reach the end, the cursor goes back to the beginning of the message. How can I make it simply stop at the end of the message?
> When you open a message, it will be displayed in its completeness, all
> message parts and attachments one after another. When you come to the
> bottom, PageDown actually skips to first body part, just like if you
> clicked on that message part icon on the right (in what is called the
> mimeview).
> Since the first part is usually the main message body, it can appear to
> you as if the same thing was displayed again. If you keep scrolling
> down with PageDown, though, the program will eventually display
> and scroll through rest of the message parts (e.g. PGP signature, any
> attached images, mailing list footer in case of most mailing lists,
> etc.), and will loop back to top of mimeview, displaying the whole
> message again.
> As far as I know, this behavior can not be modified in preferences.
> > 3) when I delete an open message, the message window does not close. How can I make it close automatically?
> Another candidate for an enhancement request, I think.
> > 4) is it possible to prevent the error messages from showing up in a pop-up window? They visually disturb the user, blocking any other operations, and I would like to only receive them in the background (in a log) or maybe in a more inobtrusive way.
> Paul already gave you probably the best solution currently available.
> Not all error messages can be hidden that way, only those coming from
> your accounts connecting and fetching e-mail.
> The idea is that these various errors _should_ disturb the user, making
> him or her aware that something is wrong.
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