[Users] [Bug 2787] Support multipart/related inside multipart/alternative for HTML Views

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Tue Feb 2 13:21:54 CET 2016


--- Comment #11 from Abhay S. Kushwaha <clawsmail at kushwaha.com> ---
Paul, what it tells us is that this structure of email is far more common than
I thought. Thunderbird produces this structure quite often apparently since I'm
getting a crazy amount of mail with this structure from Thunderbird users. So
now I can easily provide samples.

The anticipation is that it would be covered in Claws' repertoire of structures
it can parse and display in Fancy by selecting/promoting the HTML part
automatically when set to do so.

I didn't reopen the bug but does the availability of sample emails to test the
scenario make it a case for an open RFE?

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