[Users] filter -> matchcase

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Mon Feb 1 14:43:45 CET 2016


I've a silly problem with filtering. I get mails from someone with a From like:  Forename <bla at foo> (Forename without "") and i've set up a filter: 

	from matchcase Forename move (destination)

as the very first filter rule, and enabled it.

However, it doesn't work.

I tried many combinations and switched to 'match' instead of 'matchcase' too. 

Can somebody refresh my mind, is it correct that 'matchcase' despite the meaning, does filter _not_ regarding the case ? So then 'match' is matching exactly ? But anyway.

When i create a filter rule automaticly, like 

	from matchcase Forename <bla at foo> move (destination)

it suddenly works.

I'm a little stunned since all my 50+ filters worked so far w/o problems and most are using 'matchcase' .

I'm clueless. Can there be a hidden Char in 'Forename' or what's going on here ?

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