[Users] Moving /.claws-mail Directory

Dustin dustbiz at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 05:28:50 CEST 2016

I'm looking for the best way to move the /.claws-mail directory from its 
default location to another location.

* Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
* Claws Mail (CM) 3.11.1
* I don't have the skills to edit code, but am fine with editing 
config/system files, etc. as necessary.

Related Background:
* A web search helped me figure out one way to move the location of my 
message store, and just recently noticed another way mentioned in this 
list's archives. Unless I'm doing something wrong, using similar 
approaches with the address book (highest priority of the /.claws-mail 
dir's contents) doesn't work.
* I just recently subscribed to this list and have started working my 
way through the archives (from newest to oldest) to see if a solution 
has already been mentioned. Have also tried some web searches that have 
not been successful.

* My minimum end-goal is to find a way to move the address book 
directory. My maximum end-goal is to move the whole /.claws-mail directory.
* My reasons are: a) to have sensitive info like messages and contact 
info stored w/in an encrypted file container (i.e. Truecrypt or 
similar); b) to keep user-generated data on a separate partition/disk 
than my system disk; and c) to simplify my frequent backups of CM (I'm 
currently running two actions -- one for my message store and one for 
the /.claws-mail dir, whereas if I'm successful I should be able to do 
this in only one action.).

Possible Solutions:
* Something similar to moving message store? I haven't been successful 
with this, as noted above, perhaps because the edits would need to be 
adjusted in the actual code.
* Move the /.claws-mail dir and put a link with the same name in the 
default location. (Idea from these archives that I haven't tried yet.) 
This seems like it should work, although one question I had is whether 
any annoyances/damage would be caused if this link was activated (i.e. 
by starting CM) w/o the directory it points to being available (i.e. 
encrypted container isn't open), or whether this would basically be a 
non-event, perhaps throwing an error or two. If you have a quick answer 
on this, great; but I can also figure it out by testing, I assume.
* Newer version of CM? (I haven't looked through the various versions' 
release notes yet.)
* An edit/addition to /.claws-mail/clawsrc ? (No relevant settings show 
in the version of clawsker I have.)

I'm going to keep going through the archives as I have time, but I 
thought I'd go ahead and post this message in case it saves me some time.

And, for the hard-working under-appreciated devs ( :) )  : If there 
isn't a good solution for this other than editing code, would this be a 
feature that would have a chance of being implemented if I take the time 
to submit a request?

Thanks for any help/ideas you can provide. Let me know if you have 
specific Qs or need more info.

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