[Users] Mailbox types changed from IMAP to POP

kardan kardan at riseup.net
Tue Aug 30 07:52:09 CEST 2016

Version: 3.14.0 (debian stretch)


today the type of all my mailbox accounts suddenly changed from IMAP to
POP, although I did not change any settings.

I became aware of it because an alert sign in the left lower corner
appeared. Clicking on the log revealed connection errors because
plaintext POP authentication without SSL was refused by the server.
Which is alright. Oddly I am not using POP at all.

Instantly I jumped to account settings because usually I don't setup
neither POP accounts nor non-SSL connections. All account types had
changed to POP, with SSL disabled for receiving connections and the
option to delete messages older than 7 days on receiving enabled. STMP
settings were unchanged.

The type of all accounts was set to 'protocol=0' in accountrc.
accountrc and accountrc.bak were identical. Restoring my backup
confirmed that IMAP was used before ('protocol=3').

Did that already happen to anybody else? Searching for 'account type',
'protocol changed' and 'accountrc' didn't find related (closed) bugs.

Shortly before the program had crashed (claws just disappeared in the
background). Maybe this is related. It would mean that the account
settings had been overwritten during the crash. Would that be possible?

The relevant partition ran out of space several times recently but I
see no reason this could be related. Other than that I have no idea,
how to reproduce this.

Thanks for your help,

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