[Users] [Bug 3674] Does not handle large attachments

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Fri Aug 19 21:28:38 CEST 2016


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> They've always been handled perfectly well here.
> Define 'large'.
> The problems which you describe, are they with one server only?

I just tried to send a PDF that is only 22KB.  Claws hung there for awhile,
then gave the "Could not queue message for sending" error.  I notice in the bug
reports, others have had this problem.

This often happens with the PDFs.  My solution has been to disconnect from my
LAN via a shortcut I have on my desktop, then reconnect.  Claws usually sends
the PDF out right away after that.

Other files Claws hangs on are much larger, databases and exe's  I am trying to
send my son.  It has gotten so problematic that we use Teamviewer to link up
and do a file transfer.

The hangs occur both for my local server/ISP which is my "main" personal
account, but it also occurs when sending email thru my website based addresses,
of which I use several.  They are all on another server in Texas.


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