[Users] Help with Claws email restoration following Windows 7 reinstall

Andy waterhouseandy at onetel.com
Tue Aug 9 20:11:51 CEST 2016


Would appreciate some guidance in getting Claws email up and running

Just to point out that my level of computer expertise hovers around the
baseline so if anyone is kind enough to reply, could I please request
minimal jargon and 'layman's' explanations - many thanks.

Have been using Claws email successfully for a good few months until
my PC packed up (motherboard problem but HDD was fine)and I purchased a
new one (minus operating system). Claws suits my use perfectly (speedy
software, a clean-looking interface and a versatile range of plug-ins)
so I'd like to get Claws-mail up and running on the new PC.

I 'backed up' all the files from my old setup onto a NAS using Windows 7
backup utility just minutes before the old PC failed and have restored
all backed up files to their original locations following a 'clean'
Windows 7 installation. Only it didn't seem to work perfectly (various
issues which I don't fully understand). However, the PC's second user
had no problems with Claws email which simply carried on where it had
left off when I opened the program, i.e. account details and address
book entries loaded fine together with populated Inbox, Sent, Wastebin
etc folders.

My email account however didn't work. I manually
re-input my account details (hence this email) but no address book and
only the Inbox is populated - all other folders are empty. I've found
the folder that is supposed to contain my address book
(addrbook_000002.xml)and it's empty! Fortunately, I inserted the old
HDD into the new PC as the second HDD so I have access to that and
can see all the expected entries in my addrbook folder. I hope that
folders somewhere also contain my Sent and Wastebin entries too?!?

Question is: How can I 'point' Claws email to the address book and
Inbox, Sent and Wastebin folders on the old HDD? Or is there a different

Apologies for length of email and thanks for taking the time to read it.

Kind regards.


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