[Users] where do I change the external program invocation string?

Dave Stevens geek at uniserve.com
Fri Apr 29 17:45:02 CEST 2016

Recently, for unknown reasons, Claws has.been refusing to open a .pdf

I click on the attachment name text (something.pdf) and am
taken to a screen where there are several options that can be invoked
by pressing a single key, in this case L. When I press the key a box
pops up containing the text "evince'%s'" There is a default button so I
push enter (or click on the button, it doesn't matter) then the box
disappears and is replaced by another identical box. This loops as
long as I have patience for. 
I've found a manual fix which is to insert a space between the text
"evince" and the parameter string following "'%s'" Then I can push
enter and evince starts with the correct file opening.

I think it must be possible to change the text string somehow (i.e.,
permanently) to add in the missing space but I don't know where to
look. Anyone know?

claws 3.9.3


I want to die peacefully, smiling in my sleep, like my Grampa, not
screaming in terror like his passengers!

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