[Users] Insert browser URL link into open 'compose' mail -- the "smartphone chat" way

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Sun Apr 24 21:35:36 CEST 2016

Johan, it was due that someone mentioned this :) and yes, it's true that i am aware of this feature and i already recommended this too. I should have clarified this at the beginning, my bad. 

I have to admit i did not test it in the XFCE environment that's being used (i'm always using wmaker only) but anyway, the problem here is that the browser window is either hiding the claws compose window (in a single workspace setting) or is in another workspace.

Maybe it's possible to drag a link just cycling through workspaces, but even then, it's not ideal because these kids are working with their touchpad laptops, never use a mouse (mainly because they carry their laptops all around, into bed, kitchen, whatever), and dragging like this really is flakey, and a nuisance.

So i did not consider this to be the solution.

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