[Users] Insert browser URL link into open 'compose' mail -- the "smartphone chat" way

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Sun Apr 24 13:35:04 CEST 2016


> IMO getting used to selecting a link and Ctrl+C in one app and to 
> Ctrl+V at a wanted cursor position in the other app is the best
> approach.

Yes, and that's what i told them already in the first place.

But to them it is just another thing that's uncool with Email, or the Linux Desktop in generel.

They need to 

(1) Mark the URL ... 1 click

(2) Ctrl-c ................ 2 keys  

# they don't do direct middle mouse button paste of highlighted text, with their buttonless touchpads, they never use 'middle click' at all

(3) Switch to the Email draft ... 1 click

(4) Position cursor .................. 1 click

(5) Insert link with Ctrl-v ......... 2 keys

That's all in all 7 seperate actions needing their attention -- way too much and too slow, for such a simple action.

What they probably would like to do is:

Klick on 'Send link to' button (in firefox) ...... 1 click

Select claws-mail ............... 1 click

Select open draft ................ 1 click

which basically resembles the minimal necessary user input, for a computer to perform the respective action; thus, it's really very efficient. I can not blame them for not understanding why it should be more complicated, than that !

I guess the keyword here is 'desktop integration' and i am aware that claws is not integrated in a specific desktop, and that this is a good thing too. I was just asking if there is a way to 'emulate' this behavior, by some message bus (dbus?) or whatever, and if it could be scripted and somehow plugged into claws. 

Just another idea, i should be able to setup the standard email program as pointing to my own script, which would detect an invocation by 'mailto' from a browser. Then it checks if there is a claws compose window open ( -> how to ?) and if that's the case, inserts the link into it ( -> how to ?).
Then the kids could use Mikes File menu suggestion, or install any of those 'send link' addons.

The next question would be, if we could do that script stuff by claws python plugin, which removes the need to fiddle with the standard mail program setting (which is, without admin at hand, prone to update/installation problems). It would also be a good reason to stay with claws, and not switch to another MUA.

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