[Users] [Bug 3638] GData Plugin fails after initial Google handshake

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Fri Apr 22 03:19:31 CEST 2016


--- Comment #6 from lbickley <lbickley at bickleywest.com> ---
Here's the correct GData refresh authorization on re-starting Claws:

* GData plugin: Trying to refresh authorization
* GData plugin: Authorization refresh successful
* GData plugin: Starting async groups query
* GData plugin: Groups received
* GData plugin: Starting async contacts query
* Account 'Comcast': Connecting to POP3 server: mail.comcast.net:995...
* Added 915 of 965 contacts to the cache
[18:15:40] POP3< +OK POP3 ready

Note that the failures shown in previous bugzilla posts were all long after
Claws had been started. Also note that GData continues to "work" after the
failed resynch attempts...

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