[Users] Many blocking operations

Stefano Cossu scossu at artic.edu
Wed Apr 20 05:56:05 CEST 2016

I apologize if this has been asked before. I have looked at this year's 
archives for a similar thread.

I have been using Claws Mail for a few months now. I have three accounts 
on it, one GMail work account with some ~15K archived messages, 
separated by year. My inbox has very few messages, just the ones that 
need attention. I also have two personal IMAP accounts, one with several 
thousands of messages archived.

I have noticed that Claws Mail is very busy downloading or flagging 
messages all the time. Most of the times these operations are 
synchronous and block the whole application. When I access my inbox, if 
I am online I have to wait (sometimes for a while) for the folder to 
sync before I even get to see the list of messages. Also, if an IMAP 
connection fails, a modal window appears and until I click that away 
(which may be for a while when I am working on another screen), no mail 
is retrieved.

I have set all folders to not sync except for the inboxes. Still 
sometimes I see a progess bar like "Downoading message 3124 of 11683". 
This activity is so frequent that the application is becoming unusable.

I am quite sure that somebody has had this issue before. Is it possible 
to let some operations run asynchronously? Or is another way to make the 
application more responsive? And why is Claws continuously downloading 
my archived messages?

Thank you,

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