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I've set up an email server with SPF and DKIM implemented. I am familiar with the concepts. 

My point is does a plug in exist that simply looks at a header and verifies ‎that a sender to me has passed DKIM and SPF. ‎

Again to elaborate, I implement SPF and DKIM on my server correctly. That is not the question. Further, there are online services that verify this, such as the DKIM validator, so I would not rely on a claws plugin or similar to verify my setup.

I can implement policies to reject email that does not meet both SPF and DKIM. I choose not to do so because that would reject email that I need to receive. All I want is a plugin that notes when DKIM and SPF had passed so that I know there mail is at least authenticated. 

Perhaps I have been too terse. Here is the add on used by Thunderbird :


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>New to the list. Is there any plugin or simple way to see if DKIM and
>SPF are in the header

See previous answer. Answered only what I was sure about. 

> and obviously passed. 

See RFC 6376 at https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6376 (or later if any)

>(Well besides reading the
>header, which I am doing now.)

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