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Well actually SPF and DKIM actions depend on policies set by your email server. I get plenty of email with just SPF or DKIM because if my server refused it, I would lose email that I really need. You would be surprised how much corporate mail fails to provide both SPF and DKIM. Google, Hotmail, yahoo provide both features. 

I noticed Thunderbird has a ‎plugin for SPF and DKIM validation. I haven't run Tbird in years and really rather just stay with claws, but was curious if there was an equivalent plugin for Claws. 

My understanding is Gmail is now giving an indication when both DKIM and SPF are met, so maybe this is a trend with investigating for other mail clients. 

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> You want it more complicated but it isn't. You were given the full
> instructions. Try it and see.

Actually your instructions were how to display a header in the message which is not was was requested and specifically excluded with:

> (Well besides reading the
> header, which I am doing now.)

However DKIM and SPF are meant to be used at the mail server to accept or reject email, SPF and DKIM are checked against DNS record lookups and the "handover" relay mail server domain name.
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