[Users] address book desiderata

geek geek at uniserve.com
Tue Apr 5 06:32:37 CEST 2016


I don't really understand address collection in claws. Mostly it works
as I wish so if I enter a unique prefix in an address field and
push tab I most often get a short relevant list. Fine. But there
are a couple of situations I'm not sure about.

1. sent mail address harvesting
	what I'd really like is for address of individuals I send to to
	routinely be captured with one important exception - some
	people send mail to me as a member of a large number of
	addressees, most of whom I don't know and whose addresses I
	don't want to keep, they just clutter the address book for
	occasions when I'm browsing for an address. So what I'd like if
	the number of addresses in a reply field is greater than a
	settable threshold is to be prompted about whether or not to
	add all.

2. in tools -> address book there are several sources shown. I don't
understand the rationale for those names or their functions. Can
someone please refer me to the docs? I don't see it.

Many thanks,


I want to die peacefully, smiling in my sleep, like my Grampa, not
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