[Users] Archiving like Thunderbird (or how you handle your mail)

Niklaas Baudet von Gersdorff niklaas at kulturflatrate.net
Mon Sep 14 10:39:15 CEST 2015


I've already used a plenty of MUAs, from Outlook, Mail etc. to
Thunderbird, alpine, and mutt. Now it's Claws and, so far, I am quite
happy with it (the best solution would be a web client but there hasn't
been released a proper one yet).

I get quite a lot of mails so my inbox tends to get quite full (known
problem I guess). In Thunderbird I set up the archive feature to save
my mail in a folder structure like

`-- 2015
 `-- 09
  |-- email #1 of September, 2015
  `-- email #2 of September, 2015

i.e. an archive sorted by years and months. This is quite handy: Once I
read an email in my inbox and I don't need it anymore I just pressed
"a" and it got archived. If the email was pending I would have left it
in the inbox. This way my inbox didn't get too chaotic and I could
always see the pending stuff at first glance when I opened my mail
client. And for reference I just searched through the archive or
remembered when an issue was important so I could check in the folder
in question.

Is there a way to implement this feature in Claws? Maybe with a python
script? (I don't know python though, so I'd need some help.) I was able
to implement that in mutt with a bit of sh scripting (which I know a
bit). In Claws, I know about the processing and filter rules but I
don't have a clue how to save mail depending on the current month or
the month when an email was sent/received.

Any help is very much appreciated.




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