[Users] [Bug 3486] allow to limit PGP autocompletion to first address only

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> > > allow to limit PGP autocompletion to first address only
> > > 
> > > Some keys have a lot of UIDs, resulting in a huge dropdown list. This
> > > allows to limit PGP autocompletion to use the first UID/address of a key
> > > only.
> > 
> > Why only first? Why not first two or first three?
> Because you need one mail address when mailing someone. The idea is to make
> everybody reachable but to limit the number of drop down entries.

Yep, but my point is that the first address may not be the address you're
looking for, or even the address the recipient wants you to use (I've seen spam
trap addresses among the key UIDs, for example).

> I am fine with adding another option, though.

Great :)

> > This is probably also a candidate for a hidden preference, since I believe
> > most users wouldn't like to cut auto-completion candidates, but this is of
> > course debatable.
> I would be fine with that as well. Let me know if you prefer that. Any more
> opinions?

Personally I'd prefer that, and also not just a boolean for the first but an
integer to specify how many addresses are allowed from a key. Setting it to 1
would give you the feature you want. Setting it to 0 would mean to allow all
addresses as you may have guessed (which would be the default value).

Sounds it good to you?

> Do you like the new macro or do you want this to go into the code the usual
> way?
> I thought we have some more indented checkboxes... Was surprise to find only
> one. Possibly some dialogs or plugins have more.

Since I prefer the hidden option I'd say this refactoring is not necessary now.


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