[Users] Customizing/Improving threaded view for '3 columns' layout

Francis Moreau francis.moro at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 11:36:48 CEST 2015

On 09/07/2015 10:07 AM, Paul wrote:
> On Mon, 7 Sep 2015 09:10:38 +0200
> Francis Moreau <francis.moro at gmail.com> wrote: 
>> Is it possible to use only one line instead, like:
> http://claws-mail.org/manual/claws-mail-manual.html#adv_hidden
> Specifically, you want to change the hidden option two_line_vertical.

Cool that's exactly what I was looking for :)

That said, I think that using my third suggestion would be even better:

> or even better, use 2 lines for the original post and use only one
> line for replies and remove the subject (unless it has changed) since
> there's no point to repeat and waste one line repeating it:

 <from1> <date1>
    Replies <from2> <date2>

What do you think ?

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