[Users] Threading problem in only one folder

Thomas Taylor linxt at comcast.net
Wed Oct 28 00:35:28 CET 2015

For some reason one and only one folder is no longer being threaded in the
message list.  All the other folders are being threaded normally.

I've been through the preferences and account settings but haven't found
anything pertinent.  There are no pre/post processing rules for this folder.

The only thing that makes sense to me is that the source of messages for that
folder (openSuSE) is stripping thread data.  Would that be possible?  The other
folder from that same source is factory (openSuSE) but it is being properly

Thanks, Tom

CM 3.9.2
KDE  4.11.2
openSuSE  13.1


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Tom Taylor  KG7CFC
openSUSE 13.1 (64-bit), Kernel 3.11.6-4-default,
KDE 4.11.2, AMD A8-7600, GeForce GTX 740 T/PCIe/
16GB RAM -- 3x1.5TB sata2 -- 128GB-SSD
FF 37.0, claws-mail 3.9.2
registered linux user 263467

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