[Users] Printing message in black - preserving printer system preferences

Daniel Hrbáč talk at advokati.biz
Sat Oct 17 23:10:04 CEST 2015

Windows 10, claws 3.13

Good evening, 

when message contains cited text or link it is by default shown in blue
color, email addresses are green, etc. When message is printed, these
colors are sent to printer and in case of one printer - Lexmark pro901
- the default setting set by system are overridden and printout is set
  as color. 

When I do turn off use of colors in claws settings, the print is only
black and white. Also this does not happen with Oki MC351, which is
also set by system to print in black only and when email from claws is
printed it is B&W only. 

Is there somewhere a setting to tell claws-mail to print only in



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