[Users] how can I see HTML messages?

Brad Rogers brad at fineby.me.uk
Wed Oct 14 22:04:03 CEST 2015

On Wed, 14 Oct 2015 21:52:32 +0200
renato <renato.pontefice at gmail.com> wrote:

Hello renato,

>I receive some HTML messages, I woul know, how can I see them (I mean
>with image and formatted). I think I should install a plugin. Is it? if
>yes, wich one? And how can I do that?

Install the Fancy HTML viewer.  To do so, select "Plugins..." from the
Configuration menu.  From there, click "load" and then load the plugin
named fancy.so

Once loaded, you can click on the HTML icon at the side of emails with
an HTML part, to view it fully.  You may wish to alter default settings
by going to Configuration menu, Preferences.../Plugins/Fancy and set
them to whatever you desire.

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