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H.Merijn Brand h.m.brand at xs4all.nl
Mon Mar 30 16:26:33 CEST 2015

On Tue, 31 Mar 2015 01:10:57 +1100, Doug Laidlaw
<laidlaws at hotkey.net.au> wrote:

> My Xfce Terminal is always 21 rows at logon.  The default size for new
> terminals is 24 or 25 rows.  I have a text app that needs 24 rows, and
> it is a PITA to have to enlarge the terminal every session.
> OpenMandriva seem to have got it right, but they are a KDE distro, and
> at present, a complete set of packages for Xfce is not available.

Much Off-Topic here I think

Did you look at $HOME/.Xdefaults
you can reload (to test) with

$ xrdb ~/.Xdefaults

depending on what terminal you use, the entries will differ.
I prefer xterm, and have set my defaults (plain cut-n-paste
from .Xdefaults) to this (your preferences *will* differ!):

XTerm*background:               Gray96
XTerm*foreground:               Black
XTerm*cursorColor:              OrangeRed
XTerm*icon_name:                mini.xterm
XTerm*saveLines:                5000
XTerm*scrollBar:                True
XTerm*rightScrollBar:           True
XTerm*SimpleMenu*borderColor:   #ac0000
XTerm*SimpleMenu*borderWidth:   4
xterm*scrollbar.background:     LightSteelBlue
xterm*locale:                   true
XTerm*VT100*geometry:           80x35
XTerm*VT100*backarrowKey:       True
XTerm*VT100*deleteIsDEL:        True
XTerm*VT100*trimSelection:      True
XTerm*VT100*dynamicColors:      on
XTerm*VT100*colorMode:          on
XTerm*VT100*color0:             Black
XTerm*VT100*color1:             #ac0000
XTerm*VT100*color2:             Green4
XTerm*VT100*color3:             Yellow4
XTerm*VT100*color4:             Blue4
XTerm*VT100*color5:             Magenta4
XTerm*VT100*color6:             Cyan4
XTerm*VT100*color7:             Gray90
XTerm*VT100*color8:             Black
XTerm*VT100*color9:             Red2
XTerm*VT100*color10:            Green2
XTerm*VT100*color11:            Yellow2
XTerm*VT100*color12:            Blue2
XTerm*VT100*color13:            Magenta2
XTerm*VT100*color14:            Cyan3
XTerm*VT100*color15:            White
XTerm*VT100*colorBDMode:        on
XTerm*VT100*colorBD:            Green4
XTerm*VT100*colorULMode:        on
XTerm*VT100*colorUL:            Blue4
!XTerm*VT100*underLine:         off
! This maps the button events generated by the wheel
XTerm*VT100*translations:       #override \
    Ctrl                <Btn4Down>:  scroll-back(1,halfpage) \n\
    Shift               <Btn4Down>:  scroll-back(1,page) \n\
    Lock Ctrl           <Btn4Down>:  scroll-back(1,halfpage) \n\
    Lock @Num_Lock Ctrl <Btn4Down>:  scroll-back(1,halfpage) \n\
         @Num_Lock Ctrl <Btn4Down>:  scroll-back(1,halfpage) \n\
                        <Btn4Down>:  scroll-back(10,line) \n\
    Ctrl                <Btn5Down>:  scroll-forw(1,halfpage) \n\
    Shift               <Btn5Down>:  scroll-forw(1,page) \n\
    Lock Ctrl           <Btn5Down>:  scroll-forw(1,halfpage) \n\
    Lock @Num_Lock Ctrl <Btn5Down>:  scroll-forw(1,halfpage) \n\
         @Num_Lock Ctrl <Btn5Down>:  scroll-forw(1,halfpage) \n\
                        <Btn5Down>:  scroll-forw(10,line)

XTerm*utf8:                     1
XTerm*VT100*faceName:           DejaVu Sans Mono
XTerm*VT100*faceSize:           9
XTerm*VT100*faceSizeIncr:       1
XTerm*VT100*faceSizeMin:        3
XTerm*VT100*faceSizeMax:        32
XTerm*on2Clicks:                regex [^ \n*\043\047`|@#:;& ]+
XTerm*on3Clicks:                regex [^ \n*\043\047`]+
XTerm*on4Clicks:                regex [^ \n]+
XTerm*on5Clicks:                line

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