[Users] RSS plugin won't refresh feeds

Petter Adsen petter at synth.no
Fri Mar 27 12:57:59 CET 2015

On Thu, 26 Mar 2015 18:58:19 +0100
Andrej Kacian <andrej at kacian.sk> wrote:

> On Thu, 26 Mar 2015 13:11:59 +0100
> Petter Adsen <petter at synth.no> wrote:
> > After the
> > upgrade the RSS plugin hasn't been working - it doesn't refresh the
> > feeds.
> Is a default refresh interval enabled on RSSyl page in main
> preferences?

Yes, my configuration has not changed, it is still enabled and set at 5

> Do you see refresh attempts being logged in Network log
> (found in Tools menu)?

No, neither do I see anything when I attempt to refresh manually.

> When running claws-mail in a terminal with --debug flag, do you see
> lines similar to the one below this?
> rssyl_feed.c:181:RSSyl: start_refresh_timeout - 60 min (id 93)

petter at monster:~$ grep -i rssyl typescript 
prefs_gtk.c:995:new section 'rssyl'
prefs_gtk.c:995:new section '#rssyl/My Feeds//Planet Claws Mail'
prefs_gtk.c:995:new section '#rssyl/My Feeds//Slashdot'
prefs_gtk.c:995:new section '#rssyl/My Feeds//Ars Technica'
plugin.c:451:trying to load
folder.c:123:registering folder class rssyl rssyl.c:241:RSSyl:
new_folder:  () plugin.c:525:Plugin RSSyl (from
file /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/claws-mail/plugins/rssyl.so) loaded
plugin_load /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/claws-mail/plugins/rssyl.so:
0s011ms rssyl_update_feed.c:294:Recursively updating 'My Feeds'
rssyl_update_feed.c:281:RSSyl: Updating in folder 'My Feeds'
rssyl_update_feed.c:281:RSSyl: Updating in folder 'Planet Claws Mail'
rssyl_update_feed.c:281:RSSyl: Updating in folder 'Slashdot'
rssyl_update_feed.c:281:RSSyl: Updating in folder 'Ars Technica'
plugin.c:288:removing /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/claws-mail/plugins/rssyl.so
rdeps opml_export.c:186:RSSyl: Feed export finished. rssyl.c:174:RSSyl
is done
petter at monster:~$ 

So, no, I do not see that line.

I will try to remove my feeds, unload the plugin, and set everything up
again. Thanks for answering!


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