[Users] Problem with clawsrc occasionally reverting to default

Michael Schwendt bugreporter at abwesend.de
Thu Mar 26 14:01:56 CET 2015

On Thu, 26 Mar 2015 13:12:21 +0100, Joebug wrote:

> So what is the situation that leaves you with *no* clawsrc and a
> clawsrc.tmp in the ~/.claws-mail folder ?

Since I won't be able to skim over the source code until possibly end
of next week, here are just my thoughts:

Preferably, it would create a _new_ clawsrc.tmp file and write
everything to that file, and when done, it would create a backup of
the existing clawrc and then rename(3) clawsrc.tmp to clawsrc.
If Claws Mail gets interrupted/killed prior to the final renaming
step, the old clawsrc file would still be present.

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