[Users] 3.11.1 for Wheezy

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Tue Mar 10 17:29:20 CET 2015

On Tue, 10 Mar 2015 06:03:04 +0100,
Glenn<glenn at ruggedinbox.com> wrote:

>CM 3.11.1-3 package is available for Debian Jessie.  Are there plans to
>backport 3.11.1 to  wheezy-backports ?

Hi - I am the one who have done the previous claws backports for
Wheezy, but I don't have any plans on doing backports of the later
versions. If I remember correctly, this would require a backport of
libetpan too, which is the main reason for me not to do it. (I don't
want to backport a package that I don't know very much about).

If anyone would like to make backports of later version, feel free
to do it - you should probably contact Ricardo first though, since he
is the "main" maintainer of the claws package in Debian.

-- Andreas Rönnquist
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