[Users] [Bug 3473] base64 regression with old glib2 (before 2.26.0)

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We have problems along the same line.

We had no problems compiling and using Claws 3.11 in RHEL 6.1.

But were unable to compile Claws 3.12 in RHEL 6.1, apparently due to changes in
glib2.  It will compile fine in 6.6, but not 6.1 (or presumably anything older,
such as RHEL 5).  "Ticho" on IRC created a patch for 3.12 that allowed it to
compile in 6.1 using the older glib2.  But the binary it creates crashes after
the account setup with this:

(claws-mail:26555): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_base64_decode: assertion `input_length
> 1' failed
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

The patch was added to mainline, so anyone downloading it since yesterday will
likely have the same issue using it on older systems until something changes.

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