[Users] Is this really a list for users, or rather for programmers?

Andrej Kacian andrej at kacian.sk
Fri Jul 17 14:52:14 CEST 2015

On Thu, 16 Jul 2015 18:56:15 +0200
Ralf Mardorf <info.mardorf at rocketmail.com> wrote:

> On Thu, 16 Jul 2015 17:47:14 +0100, Paul wrote:
> >On Thu, 16 Jul 2015 18:43:38 +0200 Ralf Mardorf wrote: 
> >
> >> Which one? One of those
> >> 
> >> https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/claw-dev
> >> https://lists.rit.edu/mailman/listinfo.cgi/claws-dev ?
> >
> >Those two are for an entirely unrelated project.
> And the claws-mail developers list is top secret?
> Another link I provided explains why bug reports are send to the
> user's list and you corrected Slavko, that there's a developer list.
> Is there a reason that nobody subscribed to this list should know the
> claws-mail developers list?

You're all making a mountain out of a molehill. The developers' mailing
list receives less traffic per month than this thread did in just two
days. Occasional patch draft asking for comments/improvement, or a
code-related question from one team member to another, but in reality,
the list is pretty under-used.


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