[Users] after upgrade from F12 -> F22 some issue w/ claws

Maurizio Marini marini.maurizio at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 15:24:36 CEST 2015

Hello list

I have upgraded from F21 to F22 2 days ago, and just for this you could say
"you are guilty". Ok, I 'now, sadly.
I have fixed many issues, but some are still on place:
Claws 3.11.1
- tab does not scroll contacts in compose message, if I open addressbook I
can easily select recipients by ldap server
- s/mime plugin is ok, but gpg is not, after ten Fedora version w/out an
issue w/ gpg plugin, now it keeps complain:

Could not queue message for sending
    Signature failed: secret key specification is ambiguous

and in .xsession-errors

** (claws-mail:1526): WARNING **: ambiguous specification of secret key

Is is useless to add that key B50F1EB9 isn't ambiguous
and I have used it with claws for many years until I upgraded on Friday to

many thnx for help me

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