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--- Comment #1 from Tore Anderson <tore at fud.no> ---
Actually, I think the whole folder scanning and subscription logic could be
greatly improved. I suggest you consider an approach that does something like
the following:

1) Get the entire list of folders, using 'LIST "" "*"'
2) Get the entire list of subscribed folders, using 'LSUB "" "*"'
3) Walk through every folder in set #1, checking if each folder exists in set

At this point you know the full folder list, as well as the
subscribed/unsubscribed state of each folder. These steps could be performed at
startup, and whenever the user requests to look for new folders.

Second, the interface for managing subscriptions could show a pop-up with the
merged set from #3 in a standard tree-like structure, and with a checkbox
beside each folder indicating its subscribed/unsubscrubed state as well as
allowing the user to easily toggle it.

This seems to be how most other MUAs does it, for what it's worth.

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