[Users] Please help me to disable the Message View

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Thu Feb 26 17:58:38 CET 2015

>There's no bug, is just that message view is dinamically re-enabled when you
>press some keys on summary view: 'v' (direct toggle shortcut), space bar and
>enter (which open the message).

Dynamically re-enabled? Why is that?
I want it to disable it until I manually re-enable it, from the menu.

Yes, it is when I open the message (with Enter) that the Message View reappears. What I want, instead, is to open the message in a new window when I press Enter.

Anyway, what is the point of disabling it in the menu, and setting 
the "Never" option in the preferences if it just reappears on its own 
when I press Enter to open a message?
If indeed this is the expected behavior and not a bug, I hope you realize that this is confusing and counter-intuitive.
Any solution to this?

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